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         NEWSLETTER – Issue 1     September 2019






A fully funded development owned by shareholders, not by banks.

The Board and Management of Shelly Beach Hospital are proud to assure all shareholders that the construction and equipping of Shelly Beach Hospital has been funded through shareholder’s investments and not bank loans. The Board is confident that the business strategy will result in the payment of returns to shareholders in the next financial year.

Shelly Beach Hospital opened for business on 1 February 2019.

The number of admissions during February and March were relatively low. The slow take-off provided an opportunity to test and tweak all operating systems.

We started off with the Trauma and Emergency department, two operating theatres, surgical ward, surgical intensive and high care and the maternity unit.

A significant upward trend in bed occupancy began manifesting in April 2019.

The remaining three operating theatres were commissioned. The added surgical capacity triggered the need to fully commission the medical ward. Finally, the Medical Intensive and High Care unit was opened in June 2019.

The conservative commissioning of beds has worked perfectly – according to plan. The conservative approach enabled management to balance demand for beds with the gradual take-on of personnel. Personnel were employed when needed, thus avoiding the expense of under-utilised personnel.


In June 2019, we reached our highest number of theatre cases –


54 cases in one day.



Gradual increase in bed occupancy and employee numbers

The bar graphs below illustrate the gradual increase in bed occupancy and employee numbers – beginning to flatten out from June 2019.


The new challenge is to inculcate one corporate culture – The Shelly Beach Way – which is QUALITY CARE WITH COMPASSION!



Achieving our Vision – A Provider of World Class Trauma and Emergency Services

What may seem to be an everyday occurrence to some, to Shelly Beach Hospital the first landing of a Netcare helicopter on our premises, signified the next step towards achieving our vision of being a provider of world class trauma and emergency services.

The incident confirmed that the Trauma and Emergency team and the facilities provided at Shelly Beach Hospital are well capable of supporting medical air rescue services.

We are comfortable to proceed with further development of the Trauma and Emergency Services.



The first helicopter landing was an appropriate close to an exciting seven days

in the development of the basket of services available at the hospital.





Cardio-Thoracic Surgery is now performed at Shelly Beach Hospital and the first procedure was performed on Women’s Day 9th August 2019 on a woman.

Scrub Sr Tracie and Operating Theatre Manager Mrs Antonette van Niekerk stand beside the cutting edge technology stacker, after the first Cardio-Thoracic procedure performed in the Operating Suite –

a first step to establishing a Cardiac Centre of Excellence at Shelly Beach Hospital.

Shareholders are proud to be part of the ground breaking developments on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal.

The development enabled by the investments of loyal shareholders will contribute significantly to changing the lives of patients suffering from cardio-thoracic ailments living in areas between Amanzimtoti and East London.

The Storz stacker is one of a range of new, cutting edge, high technology purchases since operations commenced in earnest in April 2019.

The gradual, continuous, acquisition of high-tech assets for use in Operating Theatres and Intensive Care Units, is being achieved through careful management of cash flow and with no interest bearing loans.

Emphasis is placed on acquiring equipment which can be used across most, if not all disciplines.



Shelly Beach Hospital is recognised as the Orthopaedic Centre of excellence.

Specialist services are provided by five highly qualified Orthopaedic Surgeons.

This team is supported by super specialists who render services on a visiting basis. The team includes a Neuro-surgeon from Durban who has rare skills in Paediatric Neuro-surgery, as well as super specialists who travel from Johannesburg or Cape Town to work as consultants with the local surgeons.



Experienced Spinal Surgeon,
Dr MG du Preez preparing the Jackson table – specialised spinal surgery table for his first case of the day





The Board and Management have recently concluded an agreement with a supplier for the installation of two modern, state of the art, C-arm X-ray units – an essential ingredient in successful spinal and advanced orthopaedic surgery.

The C-arm X-ray units perform a critical function in providing crystal clear images of the surgical site – be it a hip, knee, shoulder or spine. One unit is slightly higher spec than the other and is therefore suitable for use in vascular (blood vessel) surgery. n be used across most, if not all disciplines.

Shelly Beach Hospital is well equipped to perform microscopic spinal, ear and eye surgery. Robotic surgery?

Watch this space!

Photo of the recently acquired super high resolution microscope used in spinal surgery and advanced ear surgery.



At Shelly Beach Hospital having a baby is a family affair.

The Maternity Unit at Shelly Beach Hospital is fully equipped with the latest technology, evidence of how seriously the hospital takes the modern understanding that welcoming a new baby, is a joyous family affair.

 Sr Nxokweni and Sr Khumalo

The latest cutting edge technology includes the Avalon CL CTG machine.

Shelly Beach Hospital is the first hospital in KwaZulu-Natal to purchase and use the cordless, WiFi technology which allows the mother to move around freely while the technology monitors and communicates crucial measurements which indicate the health of the baby and the mother, during labour and delivery – and the Obstetrician can access the critical information on his/her mobile phone!

The information includes foetal movement heart rate, uterine activity as well as measurements of heart functioning of the mother and her unborn infant. The information is recorded and transmitted to monitors in the maternity unit enabling midwives to monitor the vital information he/she needs to facilitate a safe birth.
The mother is no longer confined to her bed.

Uninterrupted monitoring takes place even if the mother chooses to use birthing aids such as birthing balls, birthing stools, mats and bean bags in the birthing suite. Exercise enhances the progress of labour, benefitting the infant and the mother.

The Avalon CL CTG machine, is a significant leap forward in monitoring and enhancing the progress of labour.

Shelly Beach Hospital has further enhanced the value added by the Avalon CL CTG machine by installing the IntelliSpace Perinatal (ISP) clinical information system. The integrated information system provides a single, centralised electronic patient record for mother, baby, and newborn – from the very first antepartum visit through labour, delivery, postpartum, and follow-up care. The information system is not merely for a single pregnancy, it is a record for life.

The ISP Solution delivers full access to the comprehensive range of data from the Avalon foetal monitors allowing medical practitioners to access the vital information concerning the infant and the mother during labour remotely, even on the golf course!

The unlimited access to clinical information, logically results in better clinical decisions and outcomes. The system is completely secure. Electronic patient records are guaranteed to be private and secure.


OPEN DAY – 7th September 2019

    Two successful Open Days have been held to date this year. 

Expectant mothers and families gathered at the Shelly Beach Hospital on Saturday 7th September 2019 for a Maternal and Infant Health Care open day.

They were given a tour of the maternity wards and received information on maternal and infant health care, a healthy pregnancy, safe birth and breastfeeding.

Noeleen Phillips, CEO of Shelly Beach Hospital, said the birth of a baby is one of life’s most special moments.

‘At Shelly Beach Hospital we strive to make your birthing experience an unforgettable one, and we are here to support you every step of the way.’


She said the hospital’s maternity units are modern and welcoming. ‘Experienced and dedicated maternity staff make the birth experience as memorable as possible for new parents.

The safety of the babies in our care is extremely important, and parents can rest easy in the knowledge that our facilities are fully secured, with the strictest safety measures applied at all times.’

Each mother-to-be also received a Shelly Baby gift bag filled with exclusive goodies from leading suppliers and useful maternity information to ensure their pregnancy ran as smoothly as possible.


Open Days and Educational Clinics will be held on a continuous basis.  Notice and adverts will be placed on our Website and Facebook Page.  

Also visit – for information and latest updates.




The Chairperson of the Board, Dr Moosa Desai, and members of the Board wish to thank all shareholders for their continued trust in, and support of, the Board.

Your trust has enabled us to achieve extraordinary milestones in achieving the company vision of being a provider of a world class health service.

The Board will continue to strive to establish a comprehensive health service of which we will all be proud.




Copyright:  Shelly Beach Hospital (Pty) Ltd

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