Paediatric Ward

Emphasis is placed on the psychosocial needs of the child and the comfort of the attending care giver.

A parent or close relative/adult must remain with the child during the period of hospitalisation.

The majority of patients and the care giver are accommodated in private wards.

Each of the private wards is equipped with a sleeper chair and a private bathroom.

Additional public facilities are provided for caregivers and children accommodated in two bed wards.

The health and safety of your child is of primary importance to us.

The supply of hot water to all taps is controlled at a temperature not exceeding 40°C.

All doors are fitted with additional barrel locks to ensure little adventurers do not gain access to potentially hazardous areas in the absence of adult supervision.

Paediatrician consulting rooms

In an effort to ensure expert help is always at hand, consulting rooms for the resident Paediatricians are provided adjacent to the Paediatric Ward.

High Security Zone

The ward is a high security zone, all doors are access controlled and the entire ward is under continuous camera surveillance.

Paediatry Service Providers

Shelly Beach Hospital Dr Ramouthar

Dr L Ramouthar

Tel: 087-152-0200