Neonatal Intensive & high care

We believe that having a baby is a family affair.

The policies governing the management of the maternity unit are crafted in accordance with international best practice and our understanding of the needs and traditions of the community we serve. These policies are continuously reviewed as research improves our understanding of this most natural, yet complex, event.

The Maternity Unit comprises of:

  •  ten x single bed private wards
  •  two x semi-private wards
  •  two x two-bed wards and
  •  one x four-bed bed ward
    The single bed private wards are provided for those couples who prefer and who are able to, remain together during the early post-natal period. Fathers are welcome to sleep overnight with the mother and their newborn baby, in a supportive, safe environment.

Most young parents no longer have the support of extended families or even the village midwife. Shelly Beach Hospital strives to fill the role of the village midwife.

Breastfeeding support

If you choose to breastfeed, the expertly trained midwives at Shelly Beach Hospital will provide support and guidance while you are in hospital and after discharge.

We know that establishing breastfeeding is not necessarily the easy, natural phenomena it is held up to be – most mothers need support in establishing breastfeeding. The traditional support structures are no longer readily available.

Ongoing help

Support, advice and guidance is freely available after discharge – we are just a phone call away.

Neonatal Intensive & high care Service Providers

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