About Shelly Beach Hospital

Shelly Health Consortium (Pty) Ltd is the holding company of a group of hospitals:

  • Shelly Beach Day Hospital
  • Shelly Beach Sub-acute Hospital
  • Shelly Beach Hospital

A Brief History

Shelly Beach Day Hospital began operating on 1 August 2010 with 20 surgical beds. 

Ten months later, the first expansion took place with the establishment of the 20-bed, Shelly Beach Sub-acute Hospital on 1 June 2011. The need for further development was soon identified. 

The group applied to the Department of Health Kwa-Zulu Natal for permission to develop a 160-bed acute hospital.  The Department granted permission for the development on 1 July 2014.  

Planning began in earnest.  The contract for the construction of the hospital was awarded to Aveng Grinaker-LTA and commenced in August 2015.

The Board of Directors soon began realising a far greater Vision – that of developing a comprehensive basket for services.

In order to achieve this Vision, the company had to acquire additional land. 

An additional 15,000sqm of adjoining land was purchased bringing the total area of land owned by the company, to 33,000sqm.  The site can now comfortably accommodate the services envisioned by the Board.

Expect to experience Quality Care with Compassion at Shelly Beach Hospital

The Present

The spectacle of the ever-growing structure of the new hospital has generated much excitement in the community.

The excitement and expectation of the community we serve, is a much-needed boost to our energies and keeps the project team equally excited about the hospital emerging from concrete and steel.

Our modern and comprehensively equipped facility provides the opportunity for all types of medical and surgical procedures to be performed – all under one roof. 

The following images are a peak of what you can expect to experience at Shelly Beach Hospital.

Board Members

We have a number of talented people at the helm of the Shelly Beach Hospital